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Spotlights featuring Graduates from Rutherford and Polk County high schools.

Class 2023 Exclusives by Student Contributors

Awareness Articles from Young Adults on tough issues in our communities.

Tribute to Larry Ross

The Omegabytes Robotics Team Takes World Stage

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Connect With Like-Minded People Who Share Your Interests, Hobbies, Or Professions

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The invaluable financial support provided by these organizations is essential for us to carry out our mission effectively. They are not just partners but true allies in our endeavors. To ensure the sustainability of Small Town Friendly, we encourage you to actively engage with these businesses and avail yourself of their products and services. Your continued support will enable us to continue our vital work and make a lasting impact in our community. Together, we can nurture and strengthen Small Town Friendly for the benefit of all.


Our team comprises a diverse network of entrepreneurs, creatives, students, and professionals. together, we are committed to establishing a platform tailored for next-gen members. our primary objective is to strengthen our community by empowering these individuals to become stewards of the future. By providing a space for them to thrive, we aim to enhance the collective potential of our small town and foster a brighter tomorrow.

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